Our firm performs transportation of goods within the country as well as international towards any location from Romania, the European Union and outside the European Union with state of the art trucks for which we have freight insurance and RCA, GPS, experienced drivers and optimal costs.
Goods transportation in exclusive contracts is realised with fast transportation means with two driers if it`s necessary based on the distance of the route. The transportation of goods is made on demand of the client and it needs to be performed fast from the moment of submitting the order to the loading of the merchandise, time on the road all the way to the destination of your client.

Because of this you can contact us NON-STOP for any type of transport regardless if it`s an express or exclusive transport.
We perform merchandise transportation in groups of trucks that can support a load from 1 pallet of goods up to a full truck that can hande a load of up to 33 pallets.

Transports can be done with a full truck or just grouped and the goods will be insured over the entire period of the transportation. Merchandise can be transported in grouped order at the clients demand to reduce transportation prices.

Grouped transportation is done by collecting merchandise from all over the country on our trucks that will care them to Europe and then hands it over in the shortest time possible to reach your client in the assigned location on time.